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My family tree is made up of many generations of quilters and lovers of sewing.  I was named after my great-grandmother who was a quilt maker in Arkansas.  I started sewing at a very young age and made my own clothing.  I loved to work with fabric, colors and design.  In the early 60's I entered a contest put on by The May Company in Downtown Los Angeles and sponsored by Seventeen Magazine.  The contest involved creating a table setting using your own style.  You could use anything in the store.  What a wonderful experience this was....having free run of a large department store.  Anyway, I was the winner of this contest.  This only further ignited my love of textiles.  In the 60's & 70's I made clothing for a living.  I made my first quilt in the 70's.  In 1993 I opened The Christmas Shoppe as a means of selling my handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Santas.   Over the years I have branched out and now quilting has become my passion.  I started collecting fabrics, first as small pieces and then eventually by the bolt, and I thought why not offer these fabrics for sale to the public.  I started out with mostly country, primitive, and traditional fabrics. I then added 30's reproductions, some pastels and flannels. Eventually I just went wild and bought some of everything. And yes, we do have Christmas fabrics too.